Techniques Gallery

  • 1. Etching. 2. Multi-layered glass fusing. 3. Traditional leaded glass. 4. Kiln formed glass. 5. Glass bonding.
  • 6. Glass painting. 7. Leaded kiln formed glass. 8. Encapsulated glass. 9. Abstract leaded glass. 10. Fused glass.
  • 11. Etching & abrading. 12. Mosaic glass.

Awards & Certificates

In 2006 we were awarded the Pearsons Prize for "Best Restoration Project" in Britain and Ireland.

This was for our work on the restoration of stained glass windows for the Former Wesleyan Methodist Church on St. Laurence´s St., Drogheda Co. Louth and was sponsored by Pearsons Glass, Liverpool and Glashuette Lamberts, Germany.


At Glasshaus we offer a wide variety of techniques that distinguish the studio´s service.

Techniques like leaded glass, etching, glass painting, fused glass and encapsulated glass help us to pursue our clients´ and our own artistic vision. To discuss the possibilities or for a consultation contact our office on 046 9059398 or by email at