Residential Entrances Gallery

  • 1. Stained glass side windows and matching fanlight. 2. Stained glass window - Detail. 3. Stained glass Fanlight - Detail. 4. Contemporary leaded glass entrance. 5. Contemporary leaded glass - Detail.
  • 6. Contemporary leaded glass - Internal view. 7. Art Deco leaded glass entrance. 8. Art Deco leaded glass - Internal detail 9. Art Deco leaded glass entrance. 10. Art Deco leaded glass - External detail.
  • 11. Contemporary stained glass side panels. 12. Contemporary stained glass - Detail. 13. Contemporary stained glass - Internal view. 14. Contemporary stained glass front door. 15. Contemporary stained glass - Internal view.
  • 16. Bevelled glass side screens and fanlight. 17. Contemporary stained glass door. 18. Contemporary stained glass - Internal view. 19. Leaded glass side panels. 20. Leaded glass - Detail.
  • 21. Leaded glass - Internal view. 22. Obscure leaded glass entrance. 23. Leaded glass entrance - Internal view. 24. Traditional stained glass side screens. 25. Traditional stained glass - Detail.
  • 26. Floral stained glass door panel. 27. Newgrange spiral kiln formed glass panels. 28. Spiral kiln formed glass panels - Detail. 29. Contemporary leaded glass side panels. 30. Obscure leaded glass entrance.
  • 31. Art Deco leaded glass side panel. 32. Art Deco leaded glass - Detail. 33. Contemporary stained glass entrance. 34. Traditional leaded glass door panel. 35. Traditional leaded glass side panels and matching fanlight.
  • 36. Art Deco leaded glass door panel.

Awards & Certificates

In 2006 we were awarded the Pearsons Prize for "Best Restoration Project" in Britain and Ireland.

This was for our work on the restoration of stained glass windows for the Former Wesleyan Methodist Church on St. Laurence´s St., Drogheda Co. Louth and was sponsored by Pearsons Glass, Liverpool and Glashuette Lamberts, Germany.

Residential Entrances

At Glasshaus we provide a full design to installation service specialising in bespoke decorative and stained glass for external applications such as entrances and doorways.

We undertake new commissions of all scales and employ a wide range of surface decoration techniques to realise our clients´ vision in both traditional and contemporary styles.

We are open to working with artists, designers and architects.