Leaded Glass Gallery

  • 1. Restoration - Door panel private residence. 2. Edwardian door restoration. 3. Edwardian stained glass door - Internal view. 4. Edwardian stained glass - Detail. 5. Stained glass side panel restoration.
  • 6. Internal view 7. Edwardian stained glass door panels. 8. Edwardian stained glass window restoration & double glazing. 9. External view. 10. Door panel restoration & new matching side panels.
  • 11. Internal view. 12. Restoration of door panel. 13. Lead glass window restoration & double glazing. 14. Detail. 15. Landing window conservation.
  • 16. Detail. 17. Porch window restoration. 18. Internal view. 19. Door panel restoration & double glazing. 20. Internal leaded glass restoration.
  • 21. Leaded glass window restoration. 22. Restoration & double glazing of a leaded glass window. 23. Restoration & double glazing of leaded glass bay window panels.

Awards & Certificates

In 2006 we were awarded the Pearsons Prize for "Best Restoration Project" in Britain and Ireland.

This was for our work on the restoration of stained glass windows for the Former Wesleyan Methodist Church on St. Laurence´s St., Drogheda Co. Louth and was sponsored by Pearsons Glass, Liverpool and Glashuette Lamberts, Germany.

Leaded Glass Conservation

As well as offering a conservation service for painted stained glass we also offer our clients the assurance of being competent in replicating or repairing leaded glass windows set within secular settings.

Combining our experience and research skills, we can match all the components of a window, like with like, thus offering one of the finest restoration services available. As part of the restoration service, we offer a full re-leading facility which is mostly required as a reactive response (vandalism).

However, there are opportunities when re-leading may be undertaken as a pro-active measure. Examples include when the leading & solder joints have naturally aged and weakened, when a window has severely buckled due to poor glazing and the glass is cracking, or when water ingress, due to lead cement deterioration is causing damage within a building.