Garden Projects Gallery

  • 1. Glass features for Bloom 2007 Garden  Landscape designer: Jane McCorkell 2. Contemporary etched glass fruits. 3. Etched glass apple - Detail. 4. Red pepper free standing glass panels - Bloom in the Park 2007. 5. Red pepper free standing glass panel.
  • 6. Red pepper free standing glass panel. 7. Red pepper - Detail. 8. Red pepper free standing glass panel. 9. Lions head mosaic glass water feature - Dunsany, Co. Meath. 10. Lions head mosaic - Detail.
  • 11. Flower pot contemporary glass panel. 12. Glass tree sculpture. 13. Fused and leaded glass feature - Malahide, Co. Dublin. 14. Fused and leaded glass feature - Detail.

Awards & Certificates

In 2006 we were awarded the Pearsons Prize for "Best Restoration Project" in Britain and Ireland.

This was for our work on the restoration of stained glass windows for the Former Wesleyan Methodist Church on St. Laurence´s St., Drogheda Co. Louth and was sponsored by Pearsons Glass, Liverpool and Glashuette Lamberts, Germany.

Garden projects

With renewed interest and advances in garden design, we have undertaken projects for clients with a desire to create unique features that blend harmoniously with nature. Glass is perfect for such situations due to it´s seductive nature and beauty.

We have produced mosaics, contemporary glass features and leaded glass panels that clients have used to enhance specific focal points within their projects and create a sense of harmony with nature. With light continually changing throughout the day the beauty of a glass feature can enhance an external setting by transmitting and refracting beautiful colour and light which adds to the experience.

We have worked with landscape architects and private clients to realise their vision on a number of projects including the Bloom in the Park garden festival held annually in the Phoenix park.