Fanlights Gallery

  • 1. New Georgian Fanlight - Anaverna House, Ravensdale, Co Louth. 2. Anaverna Georgian Fanlight - Front view. 3. Anaverna Georgian Fanlight - Side view. 4. Georgian leaded glass side panels - 67 Merrion Sq., Dublin. 5. Georgian leaded glass side panels - Detail
  • 6. Conservation of Georgian side panels - Parsonstown House, Co. Meath 7. Georgian side screen. 8. Georgian Fanlight conservation - Private house, Slane, Co. Meath. 9. Images of the fanlight - Before and after works. 10. The Fanlight finished.
  • 11. Internal view. 12. New leaded glass Georgian fanlight - Ranelagh, Dublin. 13. Georgian fanlight. 14. Georgian fanlight - Detail.

Awards & Certificates

In 2006 we were awarded the Pearsons Prize for "Best Restoration Project" in Britain and Ireland.

This was for our work on the restoration of stained glass windows for the Former Wesleyan Methodist Church on St. Laurence´s St., Drogheda Co. Louth and was sponsored by Pearsons Glass, Liverpool and Glashuette Lamberts, Germany.

Fanlight Conservation

At Glasshaus Studio, we offer a fanlight conservation service and we also fabricate new fanlights using stained glass lead came, or by incorporating the original technique which involves fabricating composite glazing bars.

Within our conservation philosophy we always recommend that fanlights & sidelights of interest should be retained and repaired as appropriate to the materials originally used. Fanlights often contain much original crown glass which is precious due to its rarity and we can undertake less disruptive repairs on site, or in more extreme cases, remove the fanlight to our studio for repair.

For new fanlights our highly skilled design team and craftsmen offer limitless design opportunities in order to realise our clients´ needs. These can range from the earlier radiating and elliptical designs to the later, less ornate tear-drop and bats-wing designs.